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The Company

TODOMONTERIA S.L. is a firm which offers hunting information, advertisements, and services created in 2010. The aim of the company is to keep the users informed about current hunting news. Also, you can find all the services needed to develop this activity free from danger and in the most comfortable way, here in Spain.


TODOMONTERÍA S.L. offers the previous services through its website; In regard to our sector, we are the leader website with more than 400.000 users and 3.5 million visits the summer of 2016.

Website Main Objectives

The principal objective of our website is to entertain, inform, and ease the access to hunting activities to all those who want to discover the traditional Spanish Monteria. The Monteria is an ancestral hunting event, developed in Spain with a large number of followers.

At the same time, our intention is to spread and disseminate the hunting values in order to highlight its social, cultural and economic importance of this activity in the Spanish rural areas. From here, we want to remark the commitment of the hunters with the preservation and protection of the environments and its species.

venado4 aims to promote, both nationally and internationally, the traditional Spanish Monteria. This modality of ethical and respectful hunting is practiced according to written and non-written standards. With this website, we create a meeting point where hunters and enterprises related with this activity can develop their professional activities and businesses. Besides the webpage, we also have the digital magazine called Lances & Ladras (L&L). This magazine bases its publications on this unique hunting method called Monteria

Going further, we seek to bring together, in a single webpage, all the Monterias offer and demand existing in our country. With this initiative, the intention is to ease the hunters to purchase spots for specific events and any other kind of services related to this activity (hotel reservation, restaurants, transport tickets, insurances and licences, etc.)

Also, our company offers to the user the possibility of hiring additional services such as legal and environmental advice, gunsmith shop, taxidermist, catering, rural tourism, veterinary services, between others.

As well, we provide advice without any obligation to national or international hunters about the best hunting events offers in our country. You can find it in the section “MONTERIAS Y RECECHOS”. In, we draw up different hunting programs for individuals/groups depending on the users’ likes and budgets.

In our website, we have available an online shop, meteorological information, trophy saloon and an opinion forum. Also, we have a schedule with the dates of each Monteria and the latest information of their results.

All things considered, we are seeking to be the indispensable advisor for any hunter in our country, by offering quality in our services and information. Without any doubt, the best place to spend time learning and enjoying the traditional Spanish Monteria.

Company Members

TODOMONTERIA S.L. is composed by a team of professional collaborators. All of them are hunters with a remarkable trajectory in their areas, based on ethics, respect, and compromise.

Our team members have been collaborating for decades with the main hunting magazines of our country and their lives have gone from the hand of this sector. Also, some of them collaborate with radio and television programmes.

The team of and Lances & y Ladra is composed by:

Collaborating Companies:

      • ATC Consultores
      • NF Comunicación
      • Gestoría Sara Guisasola.
      • Nova Toma.
      • Rosillo Hermanos Seguros.
      • Insufese
      • Armería Aljarafe 3J
      • Pasión Morena


  • Administration Contact:
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  • Group Monterias:
  • Contact Phone: +34 648 03 03 50 (Seville, Spain)

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